09 August 2013

Are Exotic Pet Bans an Appropriate Answer??

The New Brunswick python attack has stimulated Urban Animal conversations across North America. In an effort to make this conversation available across the industry, InfoStream will open a new conversation in the Urban Animal Group area of LinkedIn. Here are some of the ideas and thoughts collected so far:

  • Talk of municipal bans aimed at exotic pets has prompted a PIJAC Canada Blog
  • A conversation involving municipal enforcement has undertaken the review of exotic pet legislation to understand if dangerous animals may be removed from a premises without charging the pet owner.
  • A conversation has developed around an 'amnesty program' to be delivered by members of the local community such as pet retailers, humane, rescue and veterinary organizations that would allow non-compliant or dangerous animals to be surrendered in a manner safe for both people and pets.
Please join the conversation as you are able. These contributions will be made available to Summit 2013 Directors, Dr. Jason Coe and Dr. Drew VanNiekerk so they can be included in the onsite conversations. 

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