28 June 2017

MEDIA - Mobile, Data and Measurement

Babak Pahlavan Tout
As consumers expand their use of mobile devices to discover price, delivery, services and products, better tools for measuring the influence and impact of the client experience are needed.

Babak Pahlavan, Senior Director of Product Management at Google, has posted a good article about how an 'open source' solution is needed and what Google is doing to be more transparent in this area. 

Organizations that are concerned about the efficacy of their digital media activities should pause to consider how they measure the results. Feeding back client experience information from digital media campaigns into public relations and marketing strategies needs to come of age.

To add clarity to this subject we provide a link to the article below:


22 June 2017

UPDATE - HomeSafe back Online

Urban Animal is pleased to announce that our HomeSafe system is back online.  Our automated animal recovery service was suspended last week, but these issues have been rectified and we are back to helping more than one million subscribers in over 300 Canadian communities keep their pets safe. 

Please note that it may take up to 18 hours for this service to be fully updated across all servers.  We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.   We are taking measures to ensure this does not occur again.

16 June 2017

MEDIA - Winning over the Dad's in our culture

Ekaterina PetrovaGoogle think has produced an excellent article on winning over the Dad's in our culture to your brand. 

We think you will find the demographics quite challenging and the advertising examples quite compelling.

Thanks to Ekaterina Petrova, Content Marketing Manager at YouTube, for these insights.

Marketing to Dad's

14 June 2017

MEDIA - YouTube May 2017 Leaderboard

Image result for youtube imageThe May 2017 Leaderboard for advertising on YouTube is available. 

Enjoy and learn from those who are leading this form of media advertising. YouTube is now the leading source of video content and is outperforming TV channels by a wide margin.

YouTube May 2017 Leaderboard