27 August 2013

Dr. Drew Van Niekerk on Alberta@Noon

CBC Radio One guest host Frank Rackow will talk with Dr. Drew Van Niekerk during Alberta@Noon today to discuss collaboration in the urban animal industry. 

Visiting the topics of lost pets, rescue organizations and sourcing new pets, Van Niekerk will share his thoughts on industry efforts to place animals in long-term healthy homes in long-term healthy communities. 

"Collaboration amongst animal organizations in a community is paramount to the creation of a successful Urban Animal environment. In addition, and perhaps equally important, is the need for communication and collaboration at the community and municipal levels to create a symbiotic interaction between urban animals and people," said Van Niekerk.

"A community can survive without animals (wild or domestic), but I cannot imagine how diminished by quality of life would be in this scenario and I believe I am not alone. Their value far exceeds the problematic issues we must reconcile. Moreover, we as a community need to find strategies to enhance the positive pet and urban animal experience, and prevent urban animals from clashing with the public interests and rights."  

Tune in at 99.1 FM in Calgary, 93.9 FM in Edmonton or on CBC.CA at 12 p.m. to catch this important industry conversation. 

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