17 February 2016

Westin Hotel Ottawa Fosters Rescue Dogs

Most every humane society, SPCA and pet rescue has a foster program where individuals take animals into their homes prior to adoption, but the Westin in Ottawa may be the first hotel that is a dog foster home.

Since November, Ottawa Dog Rescue has partnered with the hotel on a program called Westin Wags where a rescue dog lives in the Westin lobby and hotel staff and guests become his foster family. The foster dog has kennel space, with staff and registered guests able to take him for daily walks.

When choosing dogs, Ottawa Dog Rescue focuses on the animal’s sociability, size and tendency not to bark. Two puppies, a Chihuhua named Taco, and a border collie mix called Ellie have successfully been fostered and adopted through the program to date.

While the dogs at the hotel are giving the guests a taste of being at home, they are also getting great exposure to find a new life-long loving family.

It is hoped that this successful program will encourage other businesses to become foster homes for rescue animals.

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