03 July 2016

FUTURE TRENDS - PlayDate Smart Ball

The internet is buzzing with people talking about PlayDate - a wifi enabled, remote controlled ball that enables a pet owner to play with their dog or cat from anywhere.

InfoStream first brought PlayDate to readers’ attention in Pet Tech: So Much More Than a Fad and it is fast becoming the ‘next big thing’ for pet owners.

While there have been high-tech pet products on the market for a while, PlayDate has taken off in a big way - they initiated their online funding drive and pre-sales on April 19th and were 601% funded by May 27th.

The speed with which and amount they exceeded their funding goal may indicate this is the true launching point in a trend for high-tech, interactive pet toys.

PlayDate has a camera inside the ball that allows owners to see their pet and where the ball is going.

Additional features include a virtual “squeak” that can be triggered from a button in the app, a microphone that allows owners to hear their pets and speaker so they can talk to them.

Pet owners can also snap photos and record videos of their pets playing with the smart ball.

Purchasers will need to be patient - estimated delivery date for pre-orders is December of this year.

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