25 December 2016

DIGITAL - New App Lets Your Cat Take its Own Selfie

Some of the most popular posts on social media are cat photos and videos, and now your cat can take their own selfie.

Developed by Current Studios and designed to engage cats when their humans aren't home, Candid Catmera has a series of special looping animations meant to work in tandem with feline facial recognition to get your cat’s attention first, and then get him to take photos of himself.

The photos are sent to your mobile device automatically, and you can post them to social media.

"About two years ago, we were asked by an agency if it was possible to make an Instagram for cats," Current Studios president Nathan Kroll told AdFreak.

"In the process of exploring the concept, we found that some of our developers were using cat faces to test facial tracking libraries. One developer has actually built an OpenCV library of several hundred cats. That pitch never resulted in a project and the internal work was put on the shelf, until about six months ago, when we had the idea to evolve what we learned and create something a bit more unique."

Available for iOS in the iTunes Store, $1 from each purchase will be donated to the SPCA who helped test the app.

The app only recognizes cats, not dogs.

It’s much more challenging to create facial recognition for dogs due to the variation in facial features - just consider the differences between a German shepherd and a pug. 

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