05 December 2016

BUSINESS - HomeSafe Unveils Design Plan for V2.0

Canada’s Automated Recovery Service Goes Digital

Urban Animal Corporation has announced plans to move HomeSafeTM, the pet industry’s automated, privacy compliant, customer owned and managed recovery service, into the digital environment.

By 2020 Urban Animal hopes to become the largest provider of “Fast, Cheap, Direct Protection of all things Valuable in North America.” 

HomeSafe™ is a trademarked service developed and owned by Urban Animal Corporation (formerly PetLynx).

The company has invested almost CAD$8 million to become the best/only world class application for providing, fast, cheap, direct protection of valuable things:
  • Fast because the application enables the public to collaborate while automatically matching lost and found items to facilitate recovery usually in hours or days.
  • Cheap because those who lose things and those who find things manage the recovery process online without third party (concierge) intervention and the higher fees that requires.
  • Direct because with no middle men, people work directly with each other while HomeSafeTM manages the business rules, privacy and compliance elements automatically.
  • Best/only (unique) because while thousands of registries and bulletin boards exist for pet recovery, no other similar automated service exists.

When it launched beta operations in 2008, HomeSafeTM was the first recovery service to leverage the ‘cloud’ with state of the art web services.

These proven web services will now be re-launched in the Android and IOS environment.

Accessing the built-in features of smartphones tablets and other digital devices will allow HomeSafeTM to further enhance recovery services by:
  • Geocaching lost and found episodes
  • Time and date stamping images
  • Augmenting reality so lost items in proximity can be visible
  • Integrating services with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain ledgers
  • Expanding subscriber services to include all things valuable

Other important service elements that will be transferred include:
  • Pre-registration not required
  • Free public service for an initial period
  • AutoMatch™ using a physical description
  • Subscriber ownership and management of records
  • ‘Opt-in’ strategies to protect subscriber privacy.

Proof of concept activities during the past eight years have earned Urban Animal Corporation CAD$5.2 million in service fees, a million active subscribers, 800,000 monthly users and 350,000 recoveries in 340 Canadian communities.

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