08 December 2017

INNOVATE - IBM Report on Augmented Intelligence in Banking

Image result for ibm logoAs this IBM report shows, the client is at the heart of transformation

Several decades ago Much Music discovered their audience could be trusted to determine the popular music videos of the day. It turned out the Much Music audience drove the channel to the top of the leader board as well as the music they selected to the top of the charts. There were huge implications for broadcast networks and the music industry.

As I shared with a leader in the beef industry recently, consumers have always controlled brand. What has changed is their ability to mass communicate and influence each other so quickly using social media. Perhaps it is time to gather up these client influencers and give them a client experience (CX) that satisfies and gains their trust!

This IBM report shows how Augmented Intelligence in the financial service industry is driving the transformation of the system for clients. 

  • Imagine; a client centric business. 
  • Imagine; your competitors becoming client centric before you do. 
  • Imagine; the fourth industrial revolution with cognitive computing systems:
    • that learn from and augment people rather than replacing them
    • located at the confluence of physical, digital and biological realms.

Here's the report

These eight pages will help you understand why being client centric is important and how cognitive computing can help you to achieve this goal. If you don't already have a plan, it may be time to call the good people at IBM.
"61 percent of marketing and sales executives said cognitive computing (a form of augmented intelligence) will be a disruptive force in their industries. Yet only 24 percent of survey respondents said they have a strategy for cognitive computing today."

Why is this important:
Because access to your business has been commoditized by the internet. With so many choices of where to do business and with similar offers, similar rates and comparative service, customers are voting their dollars based on experiences that satisfy them. You need to know how you've scored with your client in real time.

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