26 February 2018

DISRUPT - Yesterday US State Governors Tackled AI, Blockchain and Other Disruptors

The Winter Meeting of State Governors Plenary Session - Staying ahead of the Curve

Image result for ibm images for ginni romettyInfoStream recommends that you invest an hour to view the streaming video from this Plenary Session in Washington yesterday. It will illuminate the future you face and the issues that private and public officials should be working on to become sustainable.

Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, addresses the Governors concerns about how innovative disruptors will impact those they serve. The session serves as a clarion call for a shift in paradigms across education, business, lifestyles, values, food safety, private/public alliances and consumer services. Simple illustrations of the technology and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as Blockchain are provided.

Rometty shares how she moved IBM from a product orientation to a customer oriented provider of solutions. She outlines how disruption will reshape everything, but shows there will be much opportunity and outlines the programs that are working to retrain employees, improve the opportunities for high school graduates and resolve the developing shortage of technologists.

Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval, has innovators like Elon Musk setting up shop in his state, so sees the disruption as well as the opportunities and issues first hand. Governor Sandoval leads the session as well as the Innovation Initiative for NGA. There is much of value here.

This plenary session of the National Governors Association was streamed live yesterday.

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