18 January 2013

Colour coding canines to curb dog bites

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The fourth dog attack in a matter of weeks has one Calgary man calling for an unprecedented bylaw that will use colour coded collars or tags to identify aggressive dogs. 

Calgary business man, Sebastian Yoon, has proposed a bylaw that would see aggressive dogs coded with a red collar or tag, dogs with no past aggression issues with pink and three additional in-between levels. 

The article, published by CTV News received mixed reactions though a larger number of comments cited negative reviews. While many gave Yoon props for taking a proactive approach, the general feeling was that dogs owners, not dogs, need to be the source of change. 

"It's great that he's trying to come up with ways to keep the dog parks safe, but this just isn't a realistic idea... We need to be looking more into the dog owners themselves, and understand that they need to start being accountable for their actions."- Blamethedeednotthebreed

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