24 October 2014

Summit 2014 Confers the Urban Animal Industry's Highest Honour

The Urban Animal Program mission is to illuminate successful strategies for urban animals and to provide recognition for those who lead.

The Summit Awards are an essential element of delivering on this mission. The Summits are presented annually by the Urban Animal Subscribers using an academy style system of nominations followed with an election by secret ballot.

Winners of the 2014 Summits include individuals, agencies and organizations from all sectors of the urban animal industry. This year's award program signified the most involvement from urban animal subscribers to date. With 37 nominees in 12 categories and just under 5,000 ballots cast in the process.

2014 Summit Award Winners:

The Summit for Breeder recognizes a breeder of companion animals with five or more years of breeding experience that is compliant with recognized codes of ethical conduct or the Urban Animal Certified Quality Mark and demonstrates an exemplary level of professionalism.

And the winner is... Sybille BrochuEllibyse Puppies with 80% of the votes for her dedication to animal health and educating breeders. The Ellibyse Puppies facility is regularly inspected by vets and received a perfect MAPAQ score.

The Communicator Summit recognizes an organization that develops a concept and successfully delivers compelling content to promotes a better environment for urban animals.

And the winner is... Rodney Habib, Planet Paws Pet Essentials with 19.8% of the votes for his success in pet nutrition blogging and social media.

The Collaboration Summit recognizes the efforts of two or more organizations (service providers) that work collaboratively to create a healthier environment for urban animals.

And the winners are... Margaret Slater & Stephanie McDonald, ASPCA & Edmonton Humane Society with 48.9% of the votes for the research completed at the Edmonton Humane Society by ASPCA's Dr. Margaret Slater which confirmed that fee-waived cat adoptions are just as successful and valued as those that come with a price tag.

The Summit for Community recognizes achievements to create a more pet friendly environment with the implementation of a best practice in licensing, identification, wellness, recreation, public spaces, housing, tourism or standards of care.

And the winner is... Bonnie Isenberg, Ft. Saint John Animal Control with 27.5% for taking the care and control sector to a new level of animal welfare. Officer of safety and community education.

The Summit for Distinguished Service Provider recognizes a service provider that has achieved a remarkable impact on the lives of people and pets within a community.

And the winner is... Heather Brown, Playful Paws with 64.5% for her open-door doggy daycare policy. Playful Paws frequently opens its doors to local rescue organizations to help socialize dogs and promote them for adoption as well as provide much needed space for large transports of rescued dogs entering Halifax.

The Homing Summit recognizes an organization that achieves success placing animals in appropriate environments for animals and people through innovative adoption, sale, return-to-owner, re-homing or fostering programs.

And the winner is..Risa Weinstock, New York City Animal Care & Control with 59% of the votes for developing its first mobile adoption center. The vehicle brings shelter dogs and cats to previously unreachable New Yorkers looking to adopt through five boroughs.

The Summit for Individual Achievement recognizes an individual who is currently active in the urban animal industry and is well regarded for their achievements to improve the experience of pets and people. Preference will be shown for those who actively mentor the development of leaders and professionalism in the industry.

And the winner is... Erica Coomber, Alberta Animal Services with 65.5% of the votes for the adoption and re-homing programs with outside rescue agencies and pets stores in Central Alberta to maximize adoption levels.

The Lifetime Achievement recognizes an individual whose achievements has garnered the honor and respect of their peers in the Alliance for Urban Animals.

And the winner is... Stephen Ettinger, by acclamation. Not only did Ettinger co-found the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, helped establish the Berkeley Veterinary Medical Group but he also published the "Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine," the gold standard in veterinary medical texts.  

The Retailer Summit recognizes an organization in the retail sector that has achieved a remarkable relationship with pet families and has improved the experience of pets and people in the community (ies) they serve.

And the winner is... Brenda Kozub, Tisol Pet Nutrition and Supply with 46.4% of the votes for its work with local charities. Tisol helps pet families in need through its Pet Food Bank program, in-store donation boxes for spay/neuter programs, medical care and other needs. Tisol also raises funds for elementary schools for various programs.

The Summit for Sheltering recognizes an organization that has improved the care and handling of animals in transition. (recovery, intervention, transfer)

And the winner is... Jim DeBoon, Klassic Kennels with 75.9% of the votes for his commitment to animals re-homing and return to owner programs in Central Alberta

The Wellness Summit recognizes the efforts of an organization to improve the overall levels of health and wellness for urban animals in a specific community, area of intervention or industry sector.

And the winner is... Medric Cousineau, Paws Fur Thought with 40.2% of the votes for his efforts with PTSD Service Dogs. By educating all levels of government, landlords and business owners, pet industry staff and the general public, Cpt. Cousineau has improved the working and living conditions for both dogs and their handlers.

The Pet Owner Summit recognizes a pet owner that has demonstrated a mindful approach to pet ownership and the ability to think beyond themselves to create a better environment for all urban animals.

And the winner is... Susan Thixton with 60.95% of the votes for providing a nutritious voice for pet owners. Through her blogs, newsletters and books, Thixton has been an inspiration to many around the world.

The Summit for Innovator of the Year recognizes an innovative product or service that improves the quality of life for people and pets in homes, in communities or industry sector(s). 

And the winner is... Medric Cousineau and Paws Fur Thought with 79.1% of the votes.  

In addition to tonight's Summit Awards, the 2014 Research Poster was crowned. The Research Poster program invites researchers working in Urban Animal communities to discover what drives people and pets to live and interact the way they do. 

And the winner is... Taryn Graham with 56% her poster on Housing and Health Equity: Pet-related restrictions and surcharges in Calgary’s rental market 

Congratulations to all winners and nominees!!! 

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