26 July 2013

Bayer findings on felines

A new study conducted by Bayer HealthCare, in collaboration with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), reveals that 78% of veterinarians believe better care for cats represents one of the most significant, missed opportunities for the profession. The same study reveals that more than half (52%) of cats in America had not been taken to the vet in the past year.

A key objective of the Veterinary Care Usage Study III: Feline Findings is to determine the extent to which veterinary practices recognize the need to improve cat care and what steps, if any, they have taken to increase feline visits. Nearly 70% of veterinarians were familiar with the earlier Bayer studies. Of those most familiar, 48% indicated they had made specific changes in their practices, most aimed at increasing cat visits. Moreover, 91% of veterinarians believe they have available capacity to handle more cat visits without significant changes. 

Bayer's Veterinary Care Usage Study III identifies a number of roadblocks to veterinary cat care, potential practices to encourage cat visits and overall trends in revenue and pet visits. With eye-catching taglines like "69% of cats were obtained at no cost" and "Owners said they consider their dogs to be companions and dependent and their cats to be pets and independent" this study is sure to influence conversations around cats in our homes and communities.

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