29 July 2013

Pet Safekeeping for Domestic Violence

The Alberta SPCA along with several partners is seeking funding from the Field Law Community Fund Program to support the  Alberta Alliance for the Safety of Animals and People (AASAP).

A study released by the ASPCA in November 2012 revealed that 59% of pet-owning women in emergency shelters delayed leaving their abusive environment out of concern for their pets. In 36% of the cases, animals were threatened by the abuser - and 85% of those threats were carried out. 

A major goal of the AASAP partnership is to provide a province-wide pet safe-keeping network for family violence victims while they are in emergency shelters. AASAP wants to start a pilot project in the Edmonton region, with the hope that it can expand to the whole province.

Field Law, a top 10 western and northern law firm, has been committed to helping communities for almost 100 years by supporting charitable groups and organizations in Alberta and the North. The Field Law Community Fund Program distributes $30,000 annually in both Calgary and Edmonton to worthy initiatives who acquire votes through their website. 

The AASAP includes professionals from law enforcement, social services, veterinary services, health, animal welfare, women's shelters, legal education and other communities. 

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