13 August 2013

AASAO hosts Conference and Annual General Meeting

The Association of Animal Shelter Administrators of Ontario (AASAO) will host its first two-day conference in Cambridge 3-4 October, 2013. 

The Conference and annual general meeting are set with an agenda of fun and educational events including presentations by Toronto Animal Services' Robert Meerburg on "Value Added to Licensing", Dr. C. Filejski on "Rabies & other fascinating zoonitic diseases" and "The invasion of big bad worms and germs", Dr. F. Rotondo on "Parasites, they just won't go away & to vaccinate or not to vaccinate!", Barbara Cartwright on "Catastrphe" and tour of the Ontario Veterinary College. 

The AASAO Conference & Annual General Meeting
October 3-4, 2013
Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre
700 Hespler Road, Cambridge

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