08 August 2013

Who in the World is Mars PetCare

It would be hard not to notice the recent acquisitions and developing PetCare Business now owned by Mars, Incorporated. According to Forbes magazine in 2010, Mars  was ranked as the 3rd largest privately held company in the United States. The company history reaches back through the Wrigley brand and other sales activities to the late 19th Century. But it was early in the 20th Century (1911), when Frank C. Mars began to make a ‘buttery’ candy in his Tacoma, Washington kitchen and rode the confections horse to fame and fortune.

The fame and success of the company advanced beyond earthly bounds when M&M’s were selected as the official candy of the Shuttle program. Now Mars has parlayed this success into a new PetCare business that owns strong brands such as those pictured on this page. To understand how this all came to be, one needs to understand the Essence of Mars. These five principles have created an environment which also won Mars distinction as a Global Top 50 Employer.

So how does Mars intend to gather these brands together and create a better world for pets and people? Watching the video embedded in InfoStream will provide some of the answers.

The Mars PetCare Academy ensures that all Mars PetCare associates understand the goals and aspirations of the PetCare business. This focus seems to have propelled Mars management into acquisitions that move beyond the traditional role of nutrition and manufacturing. Servicing the health and wellness of pets is a direction that may alleviate the commoditization issues that nutrition and manufacturers are now experiencing. Brands like Banfield speak to a broader understanding of the pet client and the evolution of the pet business.

Now you have an understanding of how Mars describes the PetCare business. But of course Brands are more about what others say. Sharing your comments about Mars and the approach it is bringing to petcare are invited and may be entered in the comment section below. 

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