05 September 2013

Equine healing powers

The healing power of dogs has been established through countless programs to deal with stress, physical and mental disability and grief. But equine-assisted psychotherapy is becoming a popular tool to help people deal with conditions ranging from autism to addiction, eating disorders and depression. 

There are now more than 600 equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning programs worldwide, including more than 20 in Canada. Veterans Affairs Canada is providing funding for soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to attend Can Praxis' equine-assisted learning program, an Alberta based collaboration. The Can Praxis program is delivered at no cost to participants. In 2013, they have conducted five pilot workshops involving 23 veterans and 20 spouses.  

The program uses horses and the staff's extensive expertise in communication skills, conflict resolution and team-building to promote personal renewal and improved quality of life. 

Further Reading on Can Praxis

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