04 September 2013

PetLynx Adds Financial Resources and Human Capital

PetLynx Corporation has announced an expansion of management resources and working capital.

Since 2001, PetLynx has fostered the development of a utility that would serve the information needs of the urban animal industry. Through many challenges, PetLynx bootstrapped its development, meeting each new understanding with agility, tenacity and a commitment to PetLynx Core Values.

In 2006, PetLynx launched the Automated National Recovery System for commercial use in Canada. That same year, PetLynx developed the Urban Animal Program which invited industry stakeholders to events where they learned how to disagree while collaborating to create healthy communities for people and pets. 

Illuminating the iconic quote, ‘Rising tides lift all boats’, PetLynx promoted an environment of trust and transparency that spawned waves of collaboration. This collaboration expanded markets across the industry and elevated PetLynx to become the best known urban animal service brand in Canada.

In 2009, it became clear Petlynx needed to move to Freemium and Point of Market Entry (POME) offerings that allowed urban animal brands to bundle the AnimalTRACS™ Lifetime Recovery Subscription with products such as insurance policies and adoption kits.

By 2012, these new strategies proved to be successful bringing value to large brands while lowering PetLynx acquisition costs, delivering the largest share of the identification/recovery market in Canada and driving positive cash from operations (EBITDA). Today PetLynx owns the high ground with almost 9% of the Canadian market and a plan for global emergence.  

Effective Tuesday, 22 October 2013, Dr. Drew Van Niekerk will assume a leading role in the management of PetLynx Corporation. Dr Van Niekerk has a proven track record. He led Associate Veterinary Clinics (AVC) as it developed to more than 45 hospitals nationally and twice achieved the designation as one of “Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies”. His involvement in acquisitions, consolidations and liquidity events has provided him with experience that will be used to build PetLynx and deliver the Urban Animal Program/Services to clients around the globe. 

PetLynx invites your support of Dr Van Niekerk and the exciting PetLynx team.

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  1. Great news Larry!! Thank you PetLynx for all the hard work and visionaty initiatives. Mostly, thanks for bringing us all together at the Urban Animal Strategies Summit's where we have worked together to make amazing things happen....Go Gettem' Dr. Drew and congratulations!!!!
    Roxanne St. Germain
    Director, Toronto Feral Cat Project