11 September 2013

Hero Dogs of 9/11

When the World Trade Center towers crumbled to the ground 12 years ago, more than 10,000 emergency workers heeded the call for help; 300 of those heroes were dogs. 

Over the years, Dog Files, a website dedicated to dogs and the people who love them, created a series of short videos honouring the search and rescue dogs of 11 September 2001. To commemorate this 12th anniversary of the tragic event, Animal Planet released a one-hour documentary based the series. 

Hero Dogs of 9/11 which showcases the stories of search and rescue, comfort and bomb detection dogs, aired 10 September 2013 on Animal Planet. 

"It has been my dream and the Dog Files' mission to show the world that dogs deserve our love, care and respect," said Kenn Bell, creator of Dog Files and executive producer/director of the Animal Planet documentary. "I truly believe that Hero Dogs of 9/11 does just that. I guarantee that after viewing this documentary, you will never look at your own dog the same way again."

Short Hero Dogs of 9/11 series episodes: 

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