04 September 2013

PIJAC Canada's Exotic Animal Policy distributed among Canadian municipalities

PIJAC Canada's Exotic Animal Policy will be distributed to the roughly 2,000 members of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities as the two organizations collaborate to build healthy communities for people and pets.

PIJAC Canada has played a critical role in the exotic animal conversations taking place across the continent. Following the death of two young boys in Nova Scotia, many Canadian municipalities are reevaluating their exotic animal policies and searching for responses and solutions to community concerns. 

In addition to their efforts with the federal and provincial municipal unions, PIJAC Canada continues to take part in exotic animal education programs. During the Reptile Expo in Red Deer, AB, Board member Rob Church spoke with families, breeders and hobbyists about the Council's Reptile Certification program, safe handling poster series and the Exotic Animal Policy. 

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