22 July 2014

Paws Fur Thought: A year in review

At the 2014 Urban Animal Regional Conference in Halifax, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferer Medric Cousineau shared his experience with his service dog and companion, Thai. 

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Since entering Cousineau's life in 2012, Thai has helped the retired Canadian Air Forces captain live a stronger and healthier life. Last year, Cousineau refactored his passion and became a champion for PTSD service dogs. His plight to create awareness, raise funds and share his experience has spread across the nation and is garnering the attention of Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino. 

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August 1st will mark the one year anniversary of the day Cousineau and Thai set out on a Long Walk to Sanity from Eastern Passage to Ottawa to raise awareness and funds. To date, his movement, Paws Fur Thought, has raised more than $130,000. 

Cousineau, along with Thai, will present to a global audience at the 2014 Summit for Urban Animal Strategies in October. His efforts to support and develop programs for PTSD Service Dogs was selected by Conference delegates as a leading Innovation in the Atlantic Region. 

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