17 July 2014

Summit 2014 - Major Themes and Conversations

The ninth annual Summit for Urban Animal Strategies is presented by Pets Plus Us and will feature important conversations arising out of Summit 2013 and the 2014 Regional Conferences earlier this year:

The Pet Experience Project - Sourcing:
The Pet Experience Project has shown that many problems associated with pets and people occur because of an incomplete process during the initial transfer of a pet to a new home. How can the industry move from finger pointing to develop a ‘best practice’ that reduces or eliminates this problem? Could the industry use lessons from human adoptions to develop an adoption model regardless of whether the transfer is from a primary or secondary source?

The Pet Experience Project - Metrics:

The pet business is changing rapidly. What are the implications of these changes for animal/community services, humane/rescue, health/wellness, commercial services/retail, breeders and public health? Certain services may need to be eliminated and some business models may not survive. How will the pet industry contend with changing consumer interests and compete with other funding priorities in the community? Can the industry develop market signals by gathering consumer intentions? Who will own and be in charge of the data?

The Pet Experience Project - Rethinking Community Interventions:
The Pet Experience Project has revealed a vital role for pets in the community. Human-animal interactions may be underutilized in certain areas. Delivering care and companionship in therapeutic, social and health settings is under a great deal of financial pressure. Can the industry be more proactive in these areas to enhance both the lives of people and pets while reducing or eliminating the human resource costs?   

The Pet Experience Project - Integrated Messaging through community portals:
A common complaint from consumers in the Pet Experience Project is confusion that stems from myriad channels that lack validation. An obvious answer is to develop community portals managed by an arms length party where all the valid information lives. Technology may be an ally and the ‘cloud’ may facilitate what was once only imagined. Would licensing, adoption, medical intervention and concierge services all benefit from a community portal?   

Alliance for Urban Animals - Removing the barriers of ‘moral tribes’:
An old African proverb says, “If you want go fast - go alone; If you want to go far, go together.” It was good advice with ample supportive evidence. However, in this day and age new demands require a quick response that is sustainable over the long term. Can this dilemma be resolved while remaining so attached to our ‘moral tribes? Could industry stakeholders agree to disagree in favor of collaborative activities that generate a win for people, animals and the community.

In addition, to these five conversations, the UA Forum™ on Friday provides an opportunity for delegates to bring forward pressing issues and dilemmas. Two delegate seats for each conversation have been reserved to support leading thinkers with subject matter expertise.

Urban Animal subscribers may nominate a qualified resource by contacting Shannon Woodward.

Alumni may complete their registration at www.urbananimal.com.

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