08 August 2014

Perfecting partnerships: Retailers and Distributors

Retailers can improve their stores' sales and profitability by taking advantage of the services offered by pet specialty distributors. 

An article in petbusiness.com outlines the importance of pet retailers and distributors as the cornerstone of a store's operations. Pet industry distributors, it says, not only provide stores with products, they offer a variety of services that nurture retailers and ultimately help them grow their bottom line. However, cultivating successful relationships with distributors is more complicated than simply picking one at random and placing an order. Retailers must be prepared to align themselves with the right distributor partners and do their part to make these partnerships flourish. 

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"It's all about building relationships," says Bob Merar, president of General Pet Supply. "We are all so busy that we forget to take the time to build the relationship, trust and confidence. The retailer needs to let the distributor show them how much automation we can bring to their company  which can, in turn, save money and allow them to make money." 

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