19 August 2014

Preventative veterinary care not hitting home with pet owners

According to a whitepaper recently released by Partners for Healthy Pets, the veterinary profession is putting more emphasis on preventative healthcare for pets, but the frequency of veterinary visits has not increased.

Data presented by Karen Felsted at the 2012 Summit for Urban Animal Strategies shows this trend is especially true for cats. The Partners for Healthy Pets paper, Reversing the Decline in Veterinary Care Utilization: Progress Made, Challenges Remain, claims that while veterinary professionals are getting the message about preventative care, it seems to be lost on pet owners.

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Executive Directors of both the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association found the results disappointing but remained optimistic.

"The fact that preventative care has gained traction among practicing veterinarians - and, more important, among veterinary educators - bodes well for the future," said Michael Cavanaugh, CEO of AAHA.

A survey of pet owners conducted by Urban Animal™ earlier this year determined that Cost of Medical care factor in the pet experience. Many pet owners have become increasingly concerned about some aspects of veterinary care, including the need for regular exams, the cost of care, and the stress and inconvenience of the exam experience.

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Despite this trend, Partners for Healthy Pets believes veterinarians can thrive in today's economy and market for services. "But individual practices must meet challenges identified in the veterinary care usage studies in order to achieve their full potential."  

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