15 August 2014

Summit 2014 Forum Attacks Industry Dilemmas

The Urban Animal industry has many dilemmas, however, 100 of the best and brightest minds in the Urban Animal industry are gearing up to tackle them.

The ninth annual Summit for Urban Animal Strategies, will feature a challenging Urban Animal Forum™ on Friday, 24 October, 2014. In addition, to dilemmas proposed during the Summit are these conversations already underway:

  • Certification and Quality Management for breeders (sources of kittens/puppies)
  • Voluntary compliance/self regulation for the industry
  • Redesigning organizations for the experience economy/social media
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties as an alternative to fines (justice system)
  • Lifetime licensing for animals in urban municipalities
  • Banning retail pet sales - do bans eliminate or exacerbate sourcing issues
  • Pet experience project - defining research to obtain evidence still needed
  • Implications of pets for the delivery of public health and social programs
  • Pets enhance communities but has urban planning got pets on the radar
  • Improving animal care - can prepaid wellness lower costs
  • Non-surgical sterilization as an intervention in feral and domestic populations

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The Urban Animal Forum™ produces one of four outcomes for each dilemma addressed:
  • Strategic/tactical recommendations to a national organization or agency – recognizes the issue is sector specific or requires consensus building by someone with presence, jurisdiction and/or subject matter authority.
  • Referred to the Urban Animal Foundation to gather additional evidence – recognizes the conversation does not yet have sufficient data to support innovation.
  • Referred to a Centre of Excellence (ad hoc group or community) who with support from the Urban Animal Foundation beta tests strategies or tactics most likely to succeed – recognizes innovation is within reach but still requires passionate people and a laboratory to develop/demonstrate/test an implementation plan.
  • Offered as a candidate for the next ‘National Initiative’ of the Urban Animal program – delegates use rounds of automated voting at the Urban Animal Forum™ to select an initiative that has the support of the entire industry.
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