24 September 2014


Last week, InfoStream entered into new territory when it surpassed 150,000 all-time pageviews.

To put this milestone into perspective, the urban animal Industry's trusted source for information reached 100,000 all-time pageviews on October 25, 2013. Reaching 100,000 took InfoStream 6 years. Adding another 50,000 took less than one year

InfoStream has been a long-term strategy of PetLynx Corporation to develop a digital channel that reaches thought leaders in the urban animal industry. Launching in July 2007 with just over 200 pages views in its first month, InfoStream gained momentum in recent years as it reached more than 8,000 monthly views. InfoStream is set to continue counting milestones at a much quicker pace as it maintains its global reputation as the source of Trusted Information for the Urban Animal Industry

The goal of InfoStream is to provide real-time information to Urban Animal industry advocates, mentors, alumni, associates, collaborators and other subscribers. In the "Experience Economy", access to current information provides a competitive advantage to those creating healthy communities for pets and people. 

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