05 September 2014

McGrand Removed from Emerging Leader Scholarship

PetLynx Corporation is removing references to ‘the Honourable Frederic Addison McGrand’ from program elements of Urban Animal.

Federic A. McGrand, was an important figure in the Animal Welfare movement. He founded more than 11 organizations and initiatives in Atlantic Canada, established the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and was associated with the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada. All of this was in addition to being a respected Senator from New Brunswick and a neuro-pioneer who illuminated behaviors and the connections between animals and people.

Earlier this summer, Barbara Cartwright, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) contacted PetLynx taking exception to the honouring of McGrand with two Emerging Leader Scholarships at Summit 2014. Although invited to meet and find a solution, CFHS began trademark proceedings to protect McGrand for the exclusive use of CFHS and threatened PetLynx with a lawsuit for infringement.

At a meeting last week, members of the Alliance for Urban Animals™ discussed the situation and determined not to engage the Federation in a legal battle. In fact, members determined this to be an opportunity to demonstrate the beliefs and values upon which the Alliance is built. Members of the Alliance for Urban Animals™ believe colleagues in the Urban Animal industry can set aside differences and collaborate to deliver a more positive experience for pet owners.
Alliance members will be invited to propose a new honoree for the Humane and Rescue sector Scholarships.

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  1. CFHS appreciates the understanding of Urban Animals. Senator McGrand endowed CFHS with his Trust, his name and the McGrand Award for leaders in the animal welfare movement 30 years ago. We continue to honour that each year. As outlined in our earlier letters and emails – CFHS is happy to help Urban Animals find an alternate namesake for the award and appreciate that Urban Animals is seeking to recognize people in the animal welfare movement.