08 September 2014

Pets Plus Us celebrates Pet Health Insurance Month

September is widely celebrated as National Pet Health Insurance Month by veterinarians, shelters & rescues, pet owners and insurance companies in both Canada and the USA. As less than 2% of pet owners in Canada have pet insurance, the month is intended to promote the importance of health insurance for cats and dogs, debunk the myths surrounding coverage, and introduce pet insurance to those pet owners who are not familiar with it. 

Pets Plus us is celebrating Pet Health Insurance Month in a number of ways: 

  • Trivia Tuesdays: Follow Pets Plus Us on Facebook and Twitter to participate in Trivia Tuesdays throughout the month for a chance to win $25 PetSmart gift cards.
  • Myth Busters: There are many myths surrounding pet insurance. Visit Pets Plus Us' new Myth Busters page where Dr. Chip, the company's Chief Veterinary Officer, debunked the common pet health insurance myths. 
  • Live Chat with Dr. Chip: Join Pets Plus Us on Facebook on Thursday, September 25 at 7:00 p.m. to ask Dr. Chip about the pet health questions your curious about.
  • Pets Plus Us is celebrating Pet Health Insurance Month! For more information, visit www.petsplusus.com

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