06 October 2014

Industry mourns animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin

The Urban Animal industry was saddened to learn of the death of Dr. Sophia Yin last week. Yin was an accomplished veterinarian, applied animal behaviourist and the author of many books. 

Sophia's mission was to improve understanding of animals and their behavior so that pet owners could better care for, appreciate and enjoy their time with them. 

Sophia realized her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian in 1993 and quickly discovered that too many pets were euthanized due to behaviour problems. After returning to school and earning a Master's in Animal Science in 2001, Sophia served for five years as a lecturer in the UC Davis Animal Science Department. 

In her years devoted to creating healthy communities for pets and people, Sophia learned that every pet needs a human who can lead. Not like a boss, but like a partner in dance - someone who gives clear signals, rewards desirable behaviour as it occurs, removes rewards for inappropriate behaviour immediately and sticks to the plan consistently until the new, good behaviour is a habit. 

Her commitment and determination will be missed by both people and pets alike. 


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