22 October 2014

Urban Animal Foundation Launches at Summit 2014

"Today is one of those sweet moments when 10 years of dreams and intentions becomes a reality", said Larry Evans, Treasurer, Urban Animal Foundation. 

The Urban Animal program began in 2005 with a meeting of industry leaders in Banff, Alberta. Driving a more collaborative Urban Animal industry began with the first Summit in 2006. By 2009 allies of the urban animal program had identified the need to change the culture and behaviors experienced by cats in our communities. The Year of the Cat in 2011, was the first continent wide initiative to increase the value of cats. By 2012, this initiative had morphed into 'Care for Cats' and in 2013, Bayer launched the Feline Friendly program which used collateral and concepts developed in this initiative.

The very successful Cat initiative demonstrated a need for a development environment that would be funded and governed separately from the commercial activities of PetLynx and other industry contributors. In 2013, planning commenced for The Urban Animal Foundation. The incorporation of the Foundation occurred in April 2014. The first Advisory Council and Board meetings will take place today, Wednesday, 22 October 2014, in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

"I see this as a tree story, said Drew Van Niekerk, President of the Urban Animal Foundation. The tree is deeply rooted with a nine year investment to create and clarify the Urban Animal DNA. I expect this trust and subject matter expertise will develop the intentions of Urban Animal into the fruit so desired by the communities and pet owners we serve." 

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