18 December 2015

Hoeper Family - 40 years of Commitment to Pets and People

Peter Hoeper the Younger (1975) and in 2015
Back in 1975, Pisces owner Peter Hoeper started a fish 'store' in a 1000 square foot building at his house. This building, which was often referred to as 'the Garage' became the original Pisces Pet Emporium; Peter's first day of sales landed him a whopping $7.75.

With the help of local fish hobbyists and some patient neighbors, Peter was able to expand to a retail space six years later. This space was located in a strip mall in north east Calgary.

At this point, Pisces became a full pet store, complete with live animals. Pisces expanded this location 3 times, going from 2,100 sq. ft. to 18,299 square feet! During this time period, staff were asked for input on the design of further renovations. Little did they know that these ideas were actually going to be implemented into a brand new store!

In September 2009, Pisces moved to the current location at Skyline Way NE with over 30,000 square feet; the largest independently-owned pet store in Canada! Peter's commitment to customer service, product selection, and commitment to the highest animal care standards have led Pisces to become Calgary’s favorite pet store.

Pisces Pets EmporiumPeter has been joined by son Michael who helps carry on a reputation for knowledge and product selection that attracts pet owners from across Calgary and Canada!

Peter's care and compassion for people and pets has carried him well beyond Pisces to an international reputation in the industry. His work as a director of PIJAC Canada the 'Voice of the Pet Industry' and his efforts to develop standards of care compliment the investment he has made to educate and assist other retailers. 

According to his industry colleagues, Peter Hoeper and Pisces have created a legacy that continues to support a positive pet experience for people and pets in Urban Municipalities across Canada.

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