18 December 2015

2015 Innovation Showcase Winner

The Innovation Showcase was launched in 2013 to discover innovative projects that could be replicated across the Urban Animal industry. The top FOUR innovators are awarded the status of ‘Mentor’. The 2015 innovator of the year is…

Dr. Ardra Cole

Dr. Cole received a score of 7.63 or 84.8% to win the Innovation Showcase.

Dr. Cole is the founder of ElderDog Canada, an organization that supports and maintains the relationship between senior citizens and their dogs. ElderDog also supports older dogs that have had their lives disrupted due to illness, relocation, or death of their human companion.

Dr. Cole is a university professor that currently works as a Senior Administrator at a university; she has been a university faculty member for 25 years. Dr. Cole volunteered for Therapeutic Paws of Canada with her dog Tattoo (now passed on) and they regularly visited palliative care patients. Currently Dr. Cole is an Evaluator of prospective dog volunteers and their humans.

The 2015 IRED Scholarship Competition was made possible with grants from:

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