31 December 2015

The 2015 WestJet Mini Miracles - Collaboration at its Finest

Amazing things can happen when everyone works together!

On December 9, 2015 WestJet asked their clients to help spread Christmas cheer and make 12,000 mini miracles happen in 24hrs. They intended to use the 'good' in the WestJet employee cohort (12,000) to bring 'good' to others. They were overwhelmed by the response from everyone. 

After a heartwarming and humbling day, WestJet beat their 12,000 miracle goal by a wide margin. Watch this amazing day unfold.

There are many other ways that WestJet uses its YouTube channel. Here are more: 

Watch WestJet Christmas flash mob

Watch Christmas Miracle: real-time giving

Watch Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving

InfoStream recommends following WestJet to understand how digital media is expanding their 'ecosystem' and spreading good will through client experiences.

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