21 February 2016

B4 U GET A PET Check Out This New Website

Have you ever found yourself going from site to site, searching for information on getting a pet? Wondering what type of animal would be best for you or how much you should budget for one?

B4U GET A PET was developed with people like you in mind. Created by a group of researchers from the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in Guelph, Ontario, this website is a valuable resource for potential pet owners.

“It’s important for us to choose a pet that matches our lifestyle and expectations so we are sure to find the right personality for our situation and household,” says Dr. Jason Coe, faculty with the OVC Department of Population Medicine. “Research has shown that the success of a human-companion animal relationship is influenced by whether an owner’s expectations can be met by the pet and whether the needs and lifestyle of the owner and personality of their pet match.”

Coe and his team have loaded the website with practical, evidence-based information in an accessible, easy-to-use site.

There is a fun cat and dog quiz to test your pet knowledge and customizable budget forms to fill in that give a clear idea of costs. Information about bringing pets home and introducing them to other animals and children can be found.

The website also provides specific questions prospective owners can ask whether they are sourcing their new pet from a breeder, animal shelter or rescue, pet store, online source or from a friend.

“Regardless of the source, there are a number of questions we should be asking when getting a new pet. We want to make sure we are making an informed decision, because ensuring a lasting relationship even before it starts is in both the pet’s and our best interest,” says Coe.

Not only is the website a great source of information for the potential pet owner, shelters, breeders, animal control, pet stores and others in the animal industry can use B4 U GET A PET as a one-stop-information-shop for their clients.

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