27 February 2016

Celebrate Animals in Movies and TV

It’s the day before the movie industry’s most celebrated awards, the Oscars, so why not celebrate the PAWSCARS TM and recognize movie animals – who often steal the show?

Every year the American Humane Association (AHA) honours the top animals in film and television. “Animal stars are some of America’s most treasured institutions, and our PAWSCARS Awards pay tribute to the best furry, winged and scaled acting performers from not only the past year, but all time,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, American Humane Association’s president and CEO.

“The Hunger Games” series took home the award for Best Repurring Cat Performance. With a starring role in all four films, Buttercup gives Jennifer Lawrence a run for her money as the greatest survivor in the movies.

Best Family Dog went to “Love the Coopers” with Rags, a loveable St. Bernard.

“The Hateful Eight” received the award for Most Moving Performance for the team of powerful stallions pulling a stagecoach through snow covered valleys and mountains.

PAWSCARS were also awarded in the categories of:
Best Hitchcockian Hound – Bolt in “The Gift”
Best Rodeo Romance – “The Longest Ride”
Best Bribe – “Daddy’s Home” a pony named Mary
Best Ensemble Performance – horses, mice, geese, chickens and lizards in “Cinderella”
Best Hero Dog – “Max”

This year, the AHA also asked Americans to vote for their favourite animal movies of all time.

“Turner and Hooch,” a comedy classic from 1989, won the PAWSCAR for Favourite Animal Buddy Movie of All Time.

Favourite Animal Drama of All Time was 2003’s “Seabiscuit.”

Taking home the award for Favourite Animal Family Movie of All Time was the timeless classic “Old Yeller.”

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