03 February 2016

Writers Wanted

Providing interesting, timely and compelling content is the focus of InfoStream. Some of the most innovative ideas and initiatives in the urban animal industry can be found in the site's audience. InfoStream wants to share these stories.

InfoStream is looking for writers with an interest or experience in the urban animal industry to provide original content. Readers are interested in stories about innovation and leadership, human resources, digital media and research. The best way to get a feel for the types of posts likely to get published is to read past InfoStream articles, but InfoStream is interested in new content ideas from readers as well.

Writing Guidelines:
Articles are 250-500 words and must be exclusive to the InfoStream website for 21 days (writer cannot post article on any other sites during that time).

Articles must be original and cannot be re-posted from any other site.

Articles will be edited for content and clarity, and to conform to the InfoStream style. Links may also be added to your document by the Editor.

Contributors should include a two-sentence biography at the bottom of the submission, sharing a bit about their experience.

$30 per article
$10 bonus for published  graphic(s)
$5 bonus for published  picture(s)

Contributors are encouraged to share the InfoStream posting through their digital media network to increase readership.

Bonus* for article views on InfoStream:
Over 100 views $10
Over 500 views $20
Over 1,000 views $30

* Views will be calculated by Google InfoStream analytics three months after the original posting date. The view bonus is a one time payout by electronic transfer.

NB: The compensation schedule is subject to change without notice. Compensation is provided at the rates current when published. Contributor must own the rights to publish any submitted graphics/pictures.

Please contact infostreameditor@gmail.com for more information, to make a submission or suggest a story.

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