03 March 2016

#CATmageddon - Quit Smoking and Save Cats Lives

It’s a well-known fact that smoking is bad for your health, but did you know that cats living with smokers are twice as likely to get cancer?

Truth, an American anti-smoking organization, is hoping their latest video will encourage more people to quit – if not for themselves, then for their feline friends.

Truth describes themselves as “an unstoppable force of smokers and non-smokers banding together to end smoking for good.”

Rather than criticize smokers, their aim is to provide tools for them to quit and find fun new ways to do what no generation has done before – end smoking.

Their video, with millions of YouTube hits, may help do just that.

A variety of studies have demonstrated the danger of second-hand smoke to animals, but third-hand smoke is also a huge concern.

Third-hand smoke is the gasses and particles clinging to a smoker’s clothes, hair, car, furniture and carpeting that sticks around long after the second-hand smoke has disappeared.

Cats lie on the furniture, carpet and your lap unable to escape from these toxic particles. Then ingest them when grooming.

If Truth is successful and eradicates smoking, cats and dogs will live longer, healthier lives along with their human companions.

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