08 March 2016

INNOVATE - Revolutionary New Cat Litter

Cats Incredible, a revolutionary new clumping cat litter, is set to launch at Global Pet Expo in Florida this month.

What makes this litter so different? The Dow Chemical Company’s patent-pending nontoxic technology that prevents ammonia from developing in the litterbox.

It doesn’t simply mask or neutralize the toxic gas; it stops it from forming, according to Andre Argenton, global research and development director for Performance Materials and Chemicals at Dow.

“At Dow, we’re problem solvers,” Argenton told Pet Product News. “Odour control is the No. 1 problem in the cat litter market. We believe we have broken through this problem with a disruptive technology solution for the litter industry that can improve the health of cats and their owners. Cats are important members of many families; our breakthrough technology gives cat owners peace of mind knowing their cat’s litterbox is providing a safe, ammonia-free environment.”

Joey Herrick of Lucy Pet Products has filed a worldwide patent on the innovative package design. The bright, recyclable bag features a side removable cap and ergonomic side and top handles for ease of use, and Ricky, a cat rescued by Herrick, graces each bag. His tail curls around to create one of the handles.

“It’s just a beautiful, extremely functional bag,” Herrick told Pet Product News. “There isn’t another like it out there.”

The litter is available in unscented and lightly scented with lavender, and was accepted by 100% of the felines at Lucy Pet who tried the product.

Four corporations collaborated to make this product a reality – Lucy Pet Products, Central Garden and Pet Co., Horn Co. and The Dow Chemical Company.

They expect Cats Incredible to be a "game changer" that revolutionizes the cat litter category.

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