16 March 2016

The Humane Society of Canada Denied Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada

As reported by the Toronto Star, the Humane Society of Canada for the Protection of Animals and the Environment, a charity led by Toronto’s Michael O’Sullivan, will not get a chance to stave off impending revocation of its tax-free status with an appearance before the country’s highest court.

This means the Canada Revenue Agency can proceed to revoke the organization’s charitable status and they will no longer be able to issue tax receipts for donations.

According to the Star, among the expenses flagged by the auditors examining the charity’s 2006 income tax return were: $27,000 in superhero-themed comic book purchases; $22,000 in meals eaten mainly in Toronto; a $4,000 O’Sullivan family trip to Disneyland in California; $1,800 in alcohol; and a $67 charge at LaSenza Girl lingerie store.

In a release from the Humane Society of Canada, Michael O’Sullivan states, “The HSC is disappointed, but not defeated. We will not be deterred by a few rogue bureaucrats, or a couple of reporters on an unfair personal crusade. We will fight on."

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