14 April 2016

DIGITAL - 24 Ways to Test Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Content

If social media marketers don’t test the effectiveness of their posts, they won’t know what works, what doesn’t and what could work better.

Simply Measured has created a free guide with 24 social media tests specific to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On Instragram you can measure the best time of day to post to your specific audience, if posts are more effective if a product is featured or no product, and tags versus followers.

With over 1.44 billion users worldwide, nearly one million of whom log in each day, Facebook has an unprecedented audience. The number of brands you have to compete with on Facebook is almost as staggering as the opportunity.

The guide includes Facebook tests to measure the effectiveness of custom calls to action, posts with offers as opposed to posts without, serious versus not serious, video views versus views to 95% and more.

If you want your Tweets to have more impact, test the time of day, frequency and number of posts and rate of decay.

Clear guidelines for every test keeps things simple and straightforward for marketers to use and improve their marketing strategy.

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