15 April 2016

HR - Learn How to Effectively Manage Conflict

Despite how stressful it can be, conflict is a natural occurrence in workplaces. Having diverse teams, passionate staff, and a variety of professional backgrounds leads to great results but also sometimes conflict.

When conflict is well managed it can repair relationships, build new solutions to everyday problems, save time and money, create synergy and more.

Discover the most effective ways to bring a confrontation back to a conversation and how to quickly diffuse drama, blame and gossip so you can focus on what really matters — understanding the issue, effectively solving the conflicts, and rebuilding the relationships.

Courageous Dialogue: Learn how to effectively manage conflict and strengthen the
relationships and culture of your organization’s workplace, is a webinar presented by Canadian HR Reporter and hosted by Charmaine Hammond.

Charmaine was a 2015 IRED Award finalist for her work with Team Toby, whose mission is improving lives by teaching kindness, acceptance and respect and based on lessons she learned from her beloved dog.

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