30 April 2016

Photographer Educates About Life Under the Ocean

(Matt Draper)
Creatures that live in the ocean are mysterious and some, like sharks, instill fear in most people.

Photographer Matt Draper began sharing photos of ocean dwellers with a goal to turn fear into fascination, to show animals in their natural environment and help people understand them.

His photos show encounters with animals many people can only dream (or have nightmares) about.

With over 82,000 followers on Instagram, Draper is likely achieving his goals.

Based in Byron Bay, Australia, Draper has begun offering photography workshops at Julian Rocks Marine Reserve dive site.

No diving experience is required and participants are supplied with photography tips, underwater cameras and diving gear. So you too could have up-close and personal encounters with amazing animals that call the ocean their home.

(Matt Draper)
(Matt Draper)

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