13 May 2016

BUSINESS - Pet Tech: So Much More Than a Fad

Sometime between iPhone editions, advancements in pet technology have made leaps and bounds and the obsession in the consumer market has transcended into the pet world.

Certainly, if North Americans can track every detail of their lives – from every step, breath, heartbeat and calorie ingested – it seems like a natural progression for pet lovers to dabble in the various technologies that can alleviate racing home on time to feed their Fido, throw a ball on autopilot or speak to their anxiety-ridden pup through the convenience of a computer.

As California and the U.K. vie for the title of animal tech capital of the world, the innovations are constant and dynamic. From auto pet feeders, to activity trackers to spying devices – the conscientious pet owner can literally keep her pet entertained, fed and exercised from the remote click of a button.

Here are some of the top trends for the tech-obsessed pet lover on the market right now:

Exploding from a grassroots Kickstarter campaign in 2013, iFetch was the end product for the Hamill family of Austin, TX – who realized an auto-pitch device to throw balls for toy poodle Prancer was more than just a great distraction for their precious pet, it was the beginning of a great prototype.

“There wasn’t anything like this available and we’ve captured a small piece of a growing high-tech segment of the market,” said iFetch president, Denny Hamill, who thought up the device with the help of grandson, Grant.

Dubbed as ‘the world’s first truly interactive pet camera,' enter PlayDate – a pet camera in a smart ball.

According to pet techies, the beauty of PlayDate is that it can be handled from its owner’s mobile device app to ‘Play. Anytime. Anywhere.’

So as not to ostracize the feline persuasion, PlayDate has a cat version that includes a slit in the polycarbonate shell for ribbon inserts; this outer shell is said to be thick and shatterproof.

For the more elite pet techies, Dogtra offers up the ‘world’s finest e-collars’. These e-collars are said to be user-friendly and designed for the ‘most demanding training conditions’.

The possibilities for pet tech appear endless. As the digital age continues to evolve, these technologies will only continue to improve and close the distance gap between working parent and fur-clad offspring.

By Lindsay Seewalt
Lindsay is an experienced journalist and mother of three whose heart and home is always open to a four-legged friend. With her Corgi, Angie, as household editor-in-chief, Lindsay gives back to the animal planet through the written word on anything and all ado about pets. She is passionate about topics regarding animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, which she aims to instill in both her readers and children to be compassionate animal lovers who are conscious and considerate that furry friends around the globe deserve a voice.

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