03 June 2016

Alberta Wildfire - What Happens Next for Animals

Since the animal rescue work began in Fort McMurray, the Alberta SPCA’s (ASPCA) reunion centre in Edmonton took in 1,178 animals. 

The last transport of animals arrived at 11:30 p.m. on Monday, May 16 and the reunion centre closed on Thursday, May 19.

As of June 1st, the ASPCA had reunited 910 animals and another 106 were scheduled for pick up by their owners.

So what happens now?

The animals that had been in the care of the ASPCA have been moved to five facilities better suited to long-term housing: the Edmonton Humane Society, the Red Deer and District SPCA, the Calgary Humane Society, the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society’s shelter in Calgary and Meika’s Bird House in Sherwood Park.

For animals still in Fort McMurray, the Wood Buffalo animal control officers continue to pick up strays and to recheck houses registered as having animals but where none have been found to-date.

The municipality will continue working to reunite the animals now in its shelter with returning residents.

Anyone still trying to locate their pets should check the municipality website “In-Care Gallery” to see if their animal’s photo is there. Included in the gallery are photos of animals that came to the ASPCA without identification or with incorrect owner contact information.

The Fort McMurray SPCA is assisting returning residents who need supplies for their animals. Returning residents are requested to fill out the online form for assistance.

From the beginning the ASPCA recognized that many evacuees would be in situations where they couldn’t take possession of their animals right away, so they helped people find medium-term housing for their animals as needed.

Many animal rescue organizations, as well as numerous individuals across the province, offered foster homes for animal evacuees. In some cases, animals may need to be fostered for extended periods of time as homes and communities are rebuilt.

Rocky & Rambo were reunited with an ecstatic owner who'd had the birds for over 30 years.

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  1. The Wood Buffalo "In Care Gallery" as of June 5, 2016 shows 21 animals in care of which 3 are awaiting reunion with owners. Even if animals have been placed in alternate care facilities, why is there not one gallery of all found and unclaimed animals so owner looking for pets do not have to try and navigate through various websites. Edmonton Humane Shelter is housing the largest number of animals comprising mainly of reptiles and fish. As these animals were not found on the street, someone had to have entered a residence to retrieve them. Unless records were not kept there should be no problem in knowing whom they belong to. A cross reference to utility records should show who was residing in the residence at the time. There has been poor communication between the Alberta SPCA and the people who had to flee Fort McMurray and surrounding areas at the beginning of May. Just have a look at my current list of animals that people are still clinging hope to that they will be found.