21 June 2016

Bark 'n Yapp Helps Owners Find Products and Services for Dogs

A Canadian start-up has launched a website that allows dog owners to meet, connect, research, review and locate products, services and resources to enhance their dog's life.

“We were always looking for good information on where to buy good products, who we could trust to walk our dogs, or where to stay when traveling”, says Galen Udell, Founder & Top Dog of Bark 'n Yapp.
“The best resource was always other dog owners and typically we got this through conversations in the dog park. Our goal with Bark 'n Yapp was to bring together deep and rich local information on everything ‘dog’ to help create a highly engaged community based on trust and peer referrals, just like you get when you talk to other dog owners at a dog park.”

Like other online review sites individuals can rate and recommend different businesses, but Bark ‘n Yapp also gives the opportunity to rate parks, trails and travel options.

Unlike other sites and apps, each dog can have its own profile on Bark ‘n Yapp.

The site launched with over 5000 Canadian locations already in the system and a plan to quickly expand into the U.S.

The mobile app is currently in development.

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