16 June 2016

DIGITAL - Mobile Marketing; How to Aquire, Engage, Convert and Retain Users

Mobile is the way of the future.

This was predicted by technology trend analysts about eight years ago and it has proven to be true.

What they got wrong, however, is how quickly mobile would take over. Mobile use is growing much faster than experts initially anticipated.

Businesses are feeling the pressure to jump on the mobile bandwagon now - before they fall too far behind their competition.

But where do you start? How do you create an app? How do you develop a mobile marketing campaign that will drive value and revenue over time?

Localytics, an analytics and marketing platform, has The Beginner’s Guide to App Marketing ebook available at no charge to answer these questions.

Starting with the definition of ‘App Marketing’, progressing through analytics, marketing goals, measurement and improvement, the guide also provides more resources to learn about mobile and app marketing.

For those marketers wanting to understand and demonstrate the impact of mobile marketing, read the Forrester Report - Beyond ROI: Showcasing the True Impact of Mobile Marketing.

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