24 June 2016

DIGITAL - Tools to Create Awesome Social Media Images

(photo from Pexels)
Images get people’s attention and motivate them to click, like and share on social media.

They are one of the most important components of successful digital marketing.

To help you create awesome visuals, Social Media Examiner has compiled a list of free tools that give your images a professional look.

Start With High-Quality Royalty Free Images
There are now dozens of free image resources out there.

Pexels and Unsplash both offer thousands of high-resolution images for free and without the need for attribution. Unsplash focuses more on landscapes, while Pexels focuses on business and technology collections.

Find the Perfect Colour Scheme
Adobe Color CC takes the guesswork out of picking colours. It helps determine complimentary colours for your visual content.

Take Advantage of Pre-made Icons
With Flaticon, you get free access to over 144,130 (and counting) PNG icons which can be customized.

Reveal Optimal Contrasting Colour
ColorZilla is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to see the hex, RGB code, official name, and gradients for any colour within a browser window. Use the Colour Picker function to find the best contrasting colour for a call-to-action button or to emulate a peer’s designs.

Find Perfect Font Combinations
With Femmebot, you can access 25 of the top font combinations from font experts and see how these combinations look with graphics and images, as well as formatting.

Put it all Together in a Visual Content Tool
Free visual content creation platforms like Canva, Google Drawings, and PicMonkey are great options to actually create the content after using the aforementioned tools.

Whether you’re working with videos, GIFs, infographics, slide decks, or posts, these free tools can help you boost your images along with awareness and engagement.

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