17 June 2016

EDITORIAL - Research Shows Tectonic Shift in News Media

A call to examine and refactor your approach to media

Amy Mitchell and Jesse Holcomb have written an article for Pew Research that bears attention. They write:
"Eight years after the Great Recession sent the U.S. newspaper industry into a tailspin, the pressures facing America’s newsrooms have intensified to nothing less than a reorganization of the industry itself, one that impacts the experiences of even those news consumers unaware of the tectonic shifts taking place."

Key annual economic trends 2015 vs. 2014

It is fascinating to see the cost of advertising (above) rise against falling audience statistics (below). Perhaps this is an industry strategy for maintaining revenue as the paradigm shifts. Whatever the case, this condition will likely be reflected in a rising cost of impressions and client acquisition for those who need to create brand awareness or advertise products and services.

For some, expecting more revenue from fewer impressions seems like a failed strategy. It isn't much wonder agencies and marketing directors have a little indigestion. 

Key annual audience trends 2015 vs. 2014

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About Executive Producer, Larry R. Evans:
Larry Evans is a futurist, a brand developer and a collaboration advocate. He is Principal of The Paradigm Corporation, which is headquartered at Thunder Ridge just outside Crossfield, Alberta, Canada. He is known for bringing a unique and predictive lens to paradigm shifts during a career that spans 45 years. Now from his wheel chair, he brings a grounded, tenacious view of brand, client rights and trusted relationships for the digital age. His perspective and values influence his life, business and ministry.

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