13 June 2016

HR - Service Delivery Reimagined: A New Transformative Approach

Change is a constant in today’s business environment and as a result, employees and companies are being asked to be more mobile, agile and adaptable.

An unprecedented number of tools are available to HR departments to help transform the company of today into the kind of high performing, highly adaptable and smart organization needed for the future.

HR leaders are being asked to rethink the way they deliver services, which typically means taking HR from a transactional model to a strategic one designed to generate lucrative bottom line results.

Top organizations are accomplishing the task by calling for innovative HR input as they look for new ways to develop tomorrow’s leaders, engage and retain employees, and market their employer brand more effectively.

Join Ariel Deluy and Seema Banwait of Williams HR Consulting on June 15th for HR Service Delivery Reimagined: A New Approach for a Fast-paced Economy, a free webinar designed to help your organization:
  • Review the traditional HR service delivery model
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and common pitfalls of these existing models
  • Identify HR service delivery models that have evolved from transactional to transformative HR which generate strong business results and enhance competitive advantage
  • Explore key steps and best practices to build a strategic HR service delivery model.

Seema Banwait is an HR Business Consultant with over 15 years experience. Ariel is the Chief Operating Officer and a Process and Innovation Consultant at Williams HR Consulting.

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