06 September 2016

BUSINESS - Optimize Your Customer Journey Through Mobile

Customers don’t just enter your business through the front door anymore. There are websites and numerous social media channels that can bring customers in.

And mobile has caused a huge shift in how customers engage with businesses.

Now you have to understand mobile users’ habits and behaviour so you can maximize sales and engagement. A new customer path has to be carved as businesses strive to be continually engaged with consumers.

So, how do you integrate mobile initiatives into your customer experience strategy?

IBM and Forrester Research have joined forces to offer a webinar - Top Ways to Influence and Optimize the Customer Journey Through Mobile Touchpoints - on Tuesday, September 13th.

Guest speaker Julie Ask from Forrester Research will share case studies and discuss how you can influence customers' decision-making and streamline their journeys through seamless mobile experiences.

You will learn:
  • How companies in different industries benefit from mobile moments and mobile touchpoints to improve overall customer journey
  • How mobile impacts customer journeys, online and offline
  • How customer behavior and preferences impacts future decisions
  • What you can do to influence and guide customers to stay on track of their journey with mobile experiences and engagements.

As customers move away from following traditional paths to your company, this webinar could help you avoid missteps in the mobile market.

Register here.

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