24 September 2016

BUSINESS - Rumoured Twitter Acquisition by Google or Salesforce

Yesterday, CNBC reported a potential acquisition of Twitter by Google, Salesforce or another technology company.

Twitter stocks took an immediate jump and rose more than 21 percent on Friday ending at more than $22 - the highest they have been since January of this year.

According to CNBC, Twitter may receive a formal bid “shortly,” with Twitter’s board keen to strike a deal. There is no assurance, but sources told them momentum is building and a potential deal may be finalized by the end of the year.

Companies like Google and Microsoft have been tossed out as potential buyers of Twitter, but this is the first time Salesforce has been put into the mix.

It is known that Salesforce missed out on acquiring LinkedIn, so Twitter could offer a way for Salesforce to become more active in the real-time information field.

Twitter is an attractive target due to the abundance of data it holds, and this means it’s an alluring proposition for any firm that thrives on data.

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